Tri State Basement Systems - An Additional Problem with this System - Radon

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I posted here in January 2011.Here's a new warning with these internal perimeter drains.

We just sold the house, and they found radon. The mitigator believes the breaches in the basement floor created by Tri-State Basement Systems allowed radon to enter the home. We had a reading of 13, above the EPA acceptable level of 4. That cost us an additional $1,500.00 to fix!

Fix your wet basement from the outside!

Seal the walls with a membrane and use external drains to move the water away from the house if at all possible!

Try having sumps pumping into dry wells located away from the house.Anything solution is better than the wasted money we spent with these idiots!

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THANK YOU so much for sharing your experience!! Now, we have to find a contractor that does exterior waterproofing not water 'redirecting'.


I wonder who has used RadonSeal's Foundation Crack Repair Kit, and how you liked it.

Thanks! :?

Tri State Basement Systems - Tri-State Basement Systems operates illegally!

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Tri-State Basement systems in Barre Vermont is operating illegally.They have no workers compensation insurance and haven't for the whole month of January!

They just moved out of their 6000 sq foot building after not paying any rent for months and months! Over a year ago they had employees get hurt and they had no workers compensation insurance....The result was that the employee had over $10k in medical bills that were placed in collections on his credit report. Do you want to hire a company like this?

What do you think of their selfish hog of a owner, Scott Anderson?

Avoid the greedy owner of this company!Hire someone else!

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who is worried about their jobs at tri-state?

Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #240378

Funny how the employees of Tristate are NOW worried about THEIR jobs....they didn't care about anyone elses up to now....quit your whining--karma's just catching up to you people...

Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #239922

Well.....lets see....if anyone was to drive by 64 Vast Lane and talk to RANDY...(He owns the building)...they would get the straight scoop about why TriState vacated the building....A simple call to the state of Vermont would easily show that the *** has no comp coverage and didn't it March-April 2009......and how is this fabricated in any way?

Are you drinking such a large amount of koolaid or are you completely ***?

Please don't post anymore "insult to our intelligence" comments.....


I see a lot of stuff about Tri-State written from what seems like one or two ex-employees points of view. It seems irresponsible as this venom hurts the current employees of the company too. In this horrible job market, I hope TelltheTruth is making substantiated claims.


where is the proof they have no insurance. is there a website?

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Tri State Basement Systems - Tri-State Basement Systems Didn't Fix the Problem & Warranty Worthless

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We had a water leak in our basement in 2005.We used a TV camera and thought we had a faulty perimeter drain.

I was ready install a new weeping system. Tri-State sold us an interior perimeter drain with a lifetime guaranty. In July 2010 we had water again. I brought in an engineer and found out the problem was that there wasn't cement around the septic pipe going through the cinder block.

So their system cost me $ 8,053, when all I needed was a simple cementing repair in 2005 and the damage in 2010 to the finished basement cost an additional $ 1,917.

Tri State Basement Systems - Tri State Basements in Vermont STEALS MONEY!

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In 2008 we had our cellar repaired for over $8,ooo by TriState Basement Systems from Barre, Vermont.The guy who came to our house told us that the water would never come in again and that we had a warranty that we could transfer to anyone else who owns the house.

Part of the work we paid the Company and the Lead Worker had us pay him for some additional work directly. The end result is our basement just filled with water for the tenth time. The company could care less. When I call the guy who was running the job, he states he isn't working there anymore and that the owner has fled to North Carolina.

We are so angry. We found several stories from upset homeowners all over the internet. This was a major investment for us and they were recommended by our Real Estate agent. I have since spoken to our Realtor who states that she has heard nothing good about them as of late.

If you are thinking of hiring a company to work on your homes foundation, check the Better Business Bureau first.

TriState Basements does not even belong to them We found out when we called. We assume it's because of all the complaints. We have no idea what to do since I have had all my overtime cut back. We can't afford any more money for this problem.

Everything in our basement has been ruined. Our dehumidifier was ruined and it's threatening our furnace.

Do not hire these guys!

They could care less!We are so upset and have no idea how such rotten apples could have existed in our State!!

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Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #196722

I actually know someone in Keene who had them do work and the center of the floor was leaking and they charged them a bit to come repair it...I guess the warranty is not anything to believe?

Tri State Basement Systems - Tri-State Basement Systems **BEWARE**

Milton, Vermont 1 comment

This report is about Scott Anderson. Scott owns Tri-State Basement Systems in Barre Vermont. Scott has had several failed Businesses and has filed Backruptcy for hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from these failed businesses. In 2009, Tri-State Basement Systems is involved in several lawsuits regarding questionable business practices. There are several homeowners that EVERY homeowner MUST contact prior to having this company step foot on your property.

1)Neil Gardner-319 Marble Island Rd,Colchester Vt.--(802)864-9586/655-6371-The Gardner's had wall anchors installed on their wall as well as a expensive waterproofing system. To date, Their foundation wall collapsed. They have NOT had any "warranty" work and had to fix the outrageous cost themselves. The warranty being offered by Anderson and Ironside is solely warranted by them. If they go out of business, you LOSE!

2)Harry & Sally Picard-20 Coppergate Rd,East Granby, CT 06026-(860)653-7465/802-372-4204 The Picard's are a retired couple who retained their family's home in Grand Isle Vermont. The Picard's remodeled the lake front home and purchased a waterproofing system that was sold to them to remove all the water and moisture from their basement. They have been through a self described "Nightmare" and luckily had protection through their credit card company. It is reported they received all their funds back.At the time of this report, they are seeking other customers for a "class action" lawsuit.

3)Wayne and Virginia Mann--894 State Rt 32 Wallkill, New York (845)564-3921--The Mann's hired Anderson to install foundation anchors in their home. Anderson's crew did NOT install all the anchors and demanded they get payed before completing any cleanup and left the homeowner with a partially anchored basement. The Manns filed a complaint against Tri-State Basement Systems with the Better Business Bureau.(Tri-State Basement Systems is NOT a member if BBB as of the time of this report)

4)James and Jenny Matthews--674 Dorset Hollow Rd, Dorset Vermont-(802)867-2421--The Matthews hired Anderson to do extensive work at their Dorset Vermont New Home. At the end of the job, OUTRAGE!

5)Mike Sears-447 Oak Circle Colchester, Vermont--(802)655-3253--Mr Sears was a long time Sales Manager for Tri-State Basement Systems. Mr Sears was injured while on a Jobsite and after going to the emergency room and being found disabled, that Anderson's Workmans Compensation insurance had been canceled for aprox 2 months. Mr Sears is permanently disabled as a result of that injury, and has not received any compensation as well as amassing thousands of dollars of unpaid hospital expenses. At the time of this report, Mr Sears is in the process of a civil lawsuit with Anderson and the Homeowner who's house he was in at the time of the injury. This type of activity Appears to be common with Anderson as evident in #6.

6)Longtime employee Chris Plante has filed a lawsuit (pending) against Anderson's company as he alleges that Anderson terminated his employment after Plante pre-sold tens of thousands of dollars of commissions owed him. Plante was terminated, and told that he had signed a "no compete" agreement. Other allegations are pending in this large lengthy lawsuit.

These are only a partial list of customers who hired a contractor to repair their home and have had a nightmare. The homeowner complaints, together with a pattern of financial mis-management by Anderson should Scare every homeowner to call each one of these people and ask questions. Your foundation of your home is NOT something you can afford to take risk or chance with a contractor who has filed Bankruptcy

, has a pattern of abandoning the homeowner after payment and does not carry insurance REQUIRED by law to protect his employees as well as the person(s) whose home he is doing the specified foundation work. ***BUYER BEWARE!***

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Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #185040

This company has a history of taking people for a ride. I found similar stories all over the internet,I found out they are trying to flee to North Carolina!


Milton, Vermont 3 comments
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I worked for this company as a Sales Manager and after I fell down a flight of stairs, I needed to go to the emergency room. I tried for several days to get the name of the workers comp insurance company from the owner, Scott Anderson. When I finally had to hire a lawyer, Anderson fired me in a text message. In my opinion, he did this because he could not tell me in person that he had been operating for MONTHS without any Workers Comp because he didn't pay the premiums. But he did take a trip to Las Vegas in that same time period!

Before Hiring I would suggest calling these past customers and ask them about their experience:

Wayne and Virginia Mann--894 State Rt 32 Wallkill, New York (845)564-3921

Harry & Sally Picard-20 Coppergate Rd,East Granby, CT 06026-860) 653-7465

Neil Gardner-319 Marble Island Rd,Colchester Vt.--(802)864-9586/655-6371

These are just a few of the customers who have a story to tell.....................:(

I have not received a single dollar of back compensation from Tri-State Basement Systems in regards to my medical bills. To proceed it requires me to release my PERSONAL MEDICAL RECORDS to Scott Anderson(owner) because he was dropped by his Insurance carrier. MAKE SURE YOU CALL THE INSURANCE COMPANY AND VERIFY THAT THE COVERAGE IS IN FORCE EVERYDAY YOU HAVE THIS COMPANY ON YOUR PROPERTY OR YOU COULD BE LIABLE!

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Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #196566

I did use them before.They were ok.

Wow did they go downhill.That's sad...More Vermonter's out of work

Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #196472

I saw them at the Hanover Home Show.As a Real Estate agent I was curious.

The fellow who identified himself as the owner was very shifty.

I had a very bad feeling about them.Judging from the internet stories and that they are NOT a member of the Better Business Bureau, I wouldn't consider using them for anything!

Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #191037

I have heard nothing good about these guys.I live in Barre and their fearless leader owes everyone in town Money.

He is hiding in Carolina. He has hurt several people.

My nephew Byron worked for them and was fired because the owner, Scott, got mad because Byron had pneumonia.What a ***!

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